About me

Hi. My name is Andriy. I’m an electronic hobbyist and maker.

I’ve been passionate about electronics since I was… well since I can remember myself.

Ever since I’ve been creating all sorts of small electronic devices and since recently I’ve been calling myself a Maker.

I’m ambitious enough to start promoting my humble inventions to other people around the world.

I’m most passionate about audio-related devices and love to mix different technologies (within my reach) around them.

Having an IT background (and daytime job) also I’m naturally passionate about embedded electronics ranging from the tiniest of ATtinys to Espressif power plants and further more to Allwinner and Snapdragon land.

All of my projects are created in pursuit of my own ideas and use cases. Therefore most of them are able to produce audio of some sort or at least blink some LEDs.

Hope you find them interesting. And hope they will inspire your own invention.