Mouse Whisperer

What is it?

Mouse Whisperer is a small development kit that is based on Microchip ATtiny85 MCU. It will act like a physical mouse and draw perfect circles while you’re away.


There are many reasons why not, but also a few reasons why. Big Corpo tends to sell your convenience for security but doesn’t taking into account if you’re working in the office or from home.

  • I’m sick and tired of entering passwords each time I leave my laptop for 2 minutes
  • I don’t want my screen to go dark whenever I’m focused on something and happen to not move the mouse for a minute or two
  • I want to be available for other Team members, even if I go for a cup of coffee
  • But mainly, if someone enforces stupid policies on my laptop and I cannot change them – I will work around them

Mouse Whisperer is there to bring some of that convenience back.

Key features

  • Microchip ATtiny85 MCU
  • 8 KB Flash, 512B EEPROM, 512B SRAM
  • WS2812E RGB addressable LED for status indication
  • TTP223-based touch sensor for switching it ON and OFF
  • Sandwich PCB design to protect important electronics from cats and children
  • Open source, open hardware

What’s included in the package

  • Mouse Whisperer “sandwich”
  • Micronucleos bootloader flashed
  • “Draw circles” firmware flashed


Both software and hardware documentation can be found on the project’s Github. You can follow project progress at Hackaday

Where to buy

You may support our work by ordering this product at Tindie and Elecrow