ESP32-C3 Development Board

What is it?

The ESP32 C3 Nano is an Arduino Nano compatible development board, designed to provide enhanced computing power, wireless connectivity, addressable LED capabilities, and a built-in programming and debugging interface.

It is based on the ESP32 C3 chip, which provides improved processing capabilities, increased memory, and wireless connectivity compared to traditional Atmega variant.

The board maintains compatibility with the Arduino Nano form factor, ensuring easy integration into existing projects and making it a drop-in replacement for the traditional Arduino Nano board.

Why ESP32-C3?

It is a modern replacement for ubiquitous ESP8266 chip. It is better in every possible way while keeping the same price level. Better still it is based on RISC-V open source architecture, which clearly makes everything better (as bluetooth used to do years back)

Key features

  • ESP32-C3 32-bit RISC-V MCU in a 32-pin package
  • Up to 160 MHz CPU clock
  • 4 MB Flash
  • 400 KB SRAM
  • WiFi and BLE
  • Native USB for flashing and debugging
  • Onboard 3V3 LDO (disconnected for low power applications)
  • Flash using Arduino IDE, Platformio, or the IDE of your choice
  • One RGB LED (WS2812B)
  • RESET button

What’s included in the package

  • ESP32-C3 Development Board
  • Pin headers


Both software and hardware documentation can be found on project’s Github. You can follow project progress at Hackaday

Where to buy

You may support our work by ordering this product at Tindie