ESP Radio Box (discontinued)

What is it?

ESP Radio Box is a development kit including FM-Radio module as well as ESP8266 MCU and some extra peripheral.

Key component of the board is a versatile ESP8266 MCU allowing to self-host mobile friendly app with real time interaction based on Web Sockets. For offline use kit offers TFT screen, RGB led and user-programmable button.

Radio implemented as a ready-to-use FM radio module based on RDA5807M chip, which can be optionally replaced by TEA5767 based one.

Deprecation note

Kit is now available only as DIY Assembly Kit

Main features

  • Onboard 240×240 px TFT screen to use offline
  • Built-in web server for mobile app like site
  • Websockets server for client-server communication
  • Ho hardcoded Wifi credentials. User friendly first-time configuration via built-in captive portal
  • Onboard RGB LED for status indication
  • Built-in CH340 Serial-bridge for one-click firmware upload

How to use it

Using Platformio and included samples

Linked below is a repo with sample Platformio projects, so please follow the official Platformio installation guide first.

Open any of the included firmware samples and build project using Platformio: Build task. Upload webserver files first using Platformio: Upload Filesystem Image task, then flash firmware to target using Platformio: Upload task. Platformio will handle all the framework and library dependencies automatically.

Firmware uses WiFiManager for WiFi configuration. First time device will not find known WiFi network and will start its own named ESP-XXXXXX, with ChipId suffix. Connect to that network, you will be redirected to captive portal and prompted for WiFi credentials. From this moment forward device will connect to known network automatically.

Now enter http://device-ip or http://ESP-XXXXXX.lan adress to control Radio via app

How does it look like


Both software and hardware documentation can be found on project’s Github. You can follow project progress at Hackaday

Where to buy

You may support our work by ordering this product at Tindie