Orange PI Hi-Fi Hat

What is it?

This is Orange Pi Hi-Fi Hat, that adds Hi-Fi audio capability to your Pi. It uses native I2S output of Orange Pi together with Texas Instruments’ wonderful PCM5102A Hi-Fi DAC.

Why did I build it

I want to bring modern hobbyist technologies to the world of ‘large speakers and amps’ tech. I build systems that keep that old-schoolish look, but adds online streaming and smart remote capabilities. I build this project as a possible core of such solution, where small but much capable box with Orange Pi in it drives large Pro-sized and Pro-sounded audio solution.

Why HIFI Hat?

It is simple yet powerfull solution, that adds audio capabilities to your Orange Pi based project. Audio quality complies with Hi-Fi standards, which means it is suitable for high quality audio streaming, just like bigger Raspberry Pi players.

Why Orange Pi?

  • It’s capable and feature rich
  • It’s compact and low power
  • It’s reasonably priced
  • It’s runs Armbian, Volumio, Mopidy, RetrOrangePi and many more

Key features

  • PCM5102A 32bit DAC
  • Up to 384 kHz sampling rate
  • -112 dB typical noise level
  • Dedicated ultra-low-noise regulator for audio interface
  • Single mini-jack output
  • Dual RCA output
  • Powers from Orange Pi itself
  • OLED screen header
  • 4 GPIO LEDs


  • Thanks Texas Instruments for great audio interface for great price
  • Thanks Orange Pi Team for this great board and development platform