ATtiny Candles

What is it?

ATtiny Candle is a small development kit that is based on Microchip ATtiny85 and ATtiny13 MCU.

ATtiny85 boards are based on Micronucleos bootloader, that allows USB communication for both flashing and user code communication. It is fully compatible with Digispark Digistump board and works seamlessly with Digistump Arduino and Digistump Examples.

ATtiny13 board in turn requires bare-chip code and external programmer, in general much more demanding, since it has a fraction of ATtiny85’s resources.

Main features

It has three flavors: T13 RGB, T85 RGB, T85 OLED

RAM64 B512 B512 B
EEPROM64 B512 B512 B
USBPower onlyUSB communication for flashing and user codeUSB communication for flashing and user code
USB ProgrammingNoYesYes
ISP HeaderYesYesYes
Inputs2 buttons2 buttons1 button
RESET buttonNoYesYes
Outputs4 individually controlled RGB leds6 individually controlled RGB leds32×128 Monochrome OLED screen
Additional PeripheralPCF8563 RTC clock with CR2012 battery

How to use it

Using Platformio and included samples

Linked below is a repo with sample Platformio projects, so please follow the official Platformio installation guide first.

Open any of the included firmware samples and build the project using the Platformio: Build task. Upload to target using the Platformio: Upload task. Platformio will handle all the framework and library dependencies automatically.

How it looks like


Both software and hardware documentation can be found on the project’s Github. You can follow project progress at Hackaday

Where to buy

You may support our work by ordering this product at Tindie and Elecrow