ESP32 Hi-Fi Extension (discontinued)

What is it?

This is ESP32 extension, that adds HiFi audio capability to everyone favourite MCU. It uses native I2S output of ESP32 together with Texas Instruments’ wonderful PCM5102A Hi-Fi DAC.

Why did I build it

I see numerour hobbyist projects where it is required to produce audio and traditionally only big SoCs are considered. They are slow to boot and power hungry, but that seems to be a reasonable price to pay. Well, I truly believe you can get away with as small piece of silicon as ESP32 and build a decent audio out of it.

Why HiFi Extension?

It is simple yet powerfull solution, that adds audio capabilities to your ESP32 project. Audio quality complies with Hi-Fi standards, which means it is suitable for high quality audio streaming, not just some ‘beeps’. You can use it with existing projects utilizing I2S with close to zero changes.

Why ESP32?

  • It’s capable and feature rich
  • It’s compact and low power
  • It’s dual core and well suited for streaming tasks
  • It’s reasonably priced
  • It has great community support

Key features

  • PCM5102A 32bit DAC
  • Up to 384 kHz sampling rate
  • -112 dB typical noise level
  • Dedicated ultra-low-noise regulator for audio interface
  • Single mini-jack output
  • Powers either from mini-usb, or from external power source (up to 12V).
  • OLED screen header
  • 8 touch buttons


  • Thanks Espressif for great toy
  • Thanks Espressif Instruments for great audio interface for great price