Space Invaders Radio

What is it?

ESP Radio Box is a DIY kit that allows you to assemble FM-Radio with web UI and classic arcade game all in one package.

Key component of the board is a versatile ESP8266 MCU allowing to self-host mobile-like app with real time interaction based on Web Sockets. For offline use kit offers TFT screen, and 3 user-programmable buttons.

Radio implemented as a ready-to-use FM radio module based on RDA5807M chip, which pick up local stations on the piece of wire.

Main features

  • Wemos D1 Mini MCU board
  • ST7789 SPI IPS screen 240×240 px
  • 3 push-buttons
  • M2 harness that keeps it in one piece

How to use it


Kit includes all headers and connectors you need to make it work. However you’d need to have soldering iron and small piece of soldering wire.

Soldering job will take 5 to 30 minutes depending on your skills.

Assembly instructions

Detailed assembly instructions are available on the projects page.

Using Platformio and included code repository

Linked below is a repo with Platformio project, so please follow the official Platformio installation guide first.

Code is available on the project’s Github. Space Invaders implementation is based on the jscrane’s work.

Open included firmware and build project using Platformio: Build task. Flash firmware to target using Platformio: Upload task. Platformio will handle all the framework and library dependencies automatically.

How does it look like


Both software and hardware documentation can be found on project’s Github. You can follow project progress at Hackaday

Where to buy

You may support our work by ordering this product at Tindie